Reliable Fast Action Roller Shutters

We have a solution for every door size and requirement from a vast range of the highest quality high speed door systems using the very latest technology.

High Speed or ‘Fast Action’ Roller Shutters are used for many applications where high traffic volumes require a door to keep a building environment and temperature as constant as possible. The high speed door can travel up in as little as 2 seconds and close as quickly for maximum efficiency.

Some door models are specifically designed to keep cold in for refrigerated rooms, warehouses, etc.. High speed (or ‘fast action’) Shutters are usually manufactured from very strong material with the option of clear vision panels built in so you can see what may be happening on the other side of the closed door. Samson also offer a range of high speed aluminium roller Shutters and ‘spiral’ doors an adaptation on a sectional door but operating at high speed.

They also help to keep dust, rain and wind levels lower in a building.

If they are to be used on the external perimiter of a building they are usually combined with another door such as a steel roller shutter or sectional door to secure the premises when closed during non operational times.


Stylish Fast Action Roller Shutters Options To Choose From

Hörmann DD Roller Door

The robust design of the Hormann DD Roller door range allows for door openings up to a height of 9000 mm, with low siderooms and lintel fitting coupled with the flexible operator fitting allow for installation even in tight spaces.

With standard power limit that offers the highest level of safety when opening and closing, including WA 300 R S4 operator for up to 300 door cycles (open / close) per day making this roller door have low noise due to the “soft start” and “soft stop” technology.

  • Double Skinned Curtain – Providing an all-round tight fit. This is ensured by a frost-proof flexible lip seal along the bottom edge, a flocked special material at the lintel, as well as a fine bristle seal in the side guides (Please note: the plastic runners and brush seals are only available in the Aluminium side guides ensuring a quiet and smooth operation)

  • Wind Lock – Robust wind lock end pieces and deflection-resistant bottom profiles enable your door to withstand high wind loads.

  • Finger Trap Protection– Black plastic strips on the edges of the side guide protect against cuts.

  • Anti-Fall Safeguard – Separate catch safety device for chain drive and tubular operators. Just like the integral version, this version is a high-performance device that responds as soon as the speed limit is fractionally exceeded.

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High Speed Roller Doors

Strong design: Up to 10000 mm width and 9 000 mm heightVisually matching the standard roller door feasible. Available in standard and preferred colours as well as RAL of your choice Wind resistance class up to WK4. The slats roll up using minimum space due to their special profile

Strong safety: Internal passage control,secure from weather conditions and vandalism. Automatic obstacle recognition by integrated light barrier. Also suitable for outside use as a security shutter.

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Made in Britain 

An alternative solution to this scenario is to specify a Hormann HS 7030 PU speed roller door which is one of only a limited specification insulated high speed roller doors in aluminium sections, available with punched and glazed vision panels. This roller door offers the best of both worlds, a secure roller door combined with high speed opening and closing – a true engineering masterpiece.

Fast action shutters will keep the temperature inside a building as stable as possible whilst traffic enters and exits all day long. During winter months savings in heating costs can be enormous whilst maintaining a pleasant atmosphere for staff inside.

A garden centre is a good example where internal temperatures need to be kept constant not only for the plants but also the customers. Large garden centres will have regular movement of goods and people from inside to outside all year round. A cold store is another good example.

For division of internal areas and rooms within a building the high speed door is perfect and available in many colours with various sized vision sections.

Operation can be designed to suit the type and frequency of traffic too with radar detection, magnetic induction loops, radio control, wall mounted push buttons and so on. The level of safety is also extremely high with bottom edge sensor and infra red beams as a minimum.

Samson Doors offer a full survey, supply and installation service for all the high speed roller shutters along with service, repairs and maintenance packages to suit your doors.

Our Products

The high speed door is an ever increasing requirement in our cost conscious environmentally conscious world. The loss of heat from inside the building can cost thousands over a year, especially in a large building, and the same for keeping a building cool in the summer.

The developments of high speed shutters in the last 10 years have been enormous with reliability and safety being highest on the agenda to ensure a busy warehouse or factory is kept operational, even perhaps after a crash into the door. Safety to prevent any possibility of injury to staff or vehicles.

A modern high speed door offers so much more than it used to with modern materials and technology in electronics and motor drive units.

Pegasus can truly provide high quality doors capable of making your business run smoother and more efficiently.

Options for all high speed doors now include:

Vision panels for safety and allowing natural light into areas

Fast fix procedures for bottom rail sections accidentally knocked out in a collision

Insulated models for extra efficency and security on external openings on the building

Frequency Inverters for preserving the life of the door and electric motor

More access controls than ever before for total control of the door from nearby or as far way as required with safety controls to suit.

A high speed shutters is normally quite a high cost investment and like any products badly specified can end up costing you a lot of money over a period when corners have been cut in the procurement process.