Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best garage door type?
  1. We can help recommend but you have to know your shortlist of requirements first – i.e. colour prerefence, security, do you want windows, manual or electric, insulation and so on.
  2. A simple example is the massive increase we have seen over the last few years in the sales of insulated garage doors where the garage is being used as a workshop, playroom, office and so on.
  3. Choosing the right door type for your garage can sometimes be quite difficult as for most larger garages all the options can be installed so which one would be best is a matter of thinking hard about the use of the garage.
  4. Make a list of your requirements – Security, insulation, colour, material and so on before talking to us and we can suggest the best types for you.
What are the Standard Sizes of garage doors?
  1. The older standard sizes used to be 7′ x 6’6″ and 7′ x 7′ for one piece up and over doors and for double sizes it was nearly always a 14′ x 7′ order size, and that was it! These were the biggest sellers years ago and still order in imperial references! These references are to the nearest size of a metric equivalent and this is how it has always been with up and over and more recently sectional garage doors so if every millimetre counts it is worth checking the actual metric sizes with the fixing sub frame included so a mistake is not made.
  2. When we are asked for a standard garage door nowadays the temptation to throw back the traditional sizes offered ever since the 80’s has to be avoided as they are quite simply not really wide enough for modern vehicles, so although they still exist and are still sold in volumes to replace older garage doors of the same size they are not a very good size to use on a new garage build.
What is the best insulated garage door to buy?
  1. Seceuroglide is our recommendation for an all round roller door package Insulated Side Hinged Doors Traditional timber side hinged doors with all the right frame work stops and a good tight fit will actually give quite a good insulation value as timber itself is a good insulator, depending again of course on the type and thickness of the timber used.
  2. The most recent and significant side hinged door ranges for the UK however are the Carteck range of doors and the Ryterna doors – Ranges of side hinged garage doors all made to order as standard with a factory fitted aluminium fixing sub frame and with double rebated edges all round with built in rubber seals.
  3. Insulated Roller Garage Doors The term insulated roller garage door is widely used but is a bit misleading as it is almost impossible to get an accurate ‘U value’ rating on a roller shutter garage door constructed from an average of 24 horizontal double skinned slats, all technically with a small gap inbetween them.
  4. Insulated Up and Over Garage Doors Up and over garage doors have one basic flaw when it comes to insulation and that is the whole door panel has to move through the sub frame when opening and closing and therefore has a gap all around the perimeter.
  5. LPU40, GSW40, Seceuroglide and others all with the 40-45mm thick panels and make 100% sure the door is fitted completely behind the garage opening and now also consider the thermal insulation kit available from Hormann which gives extra insulation around the door perimeter to give one of the lowest U values for a domestic sectional door.
  6. Insulated Sectional Garage Doors These vertically rising style garage doors split into panel sections and are generally constructed in 20mm or 42mm thick insulated steel double skinned foam filled panels.
  7. Again some of the timber doors by their very nature will also give insulation although it helps if the door is fitted with a steel sub frame with built in weather stripping and a descent door stop on the head frame.
What are the best garage doors for security?
  1. Seceuroglide Excel – Electric aluminium roller door with level 1 ‘secured by design’ rating Garador Guardian – Steel Up and Over level 1 ‘secured by design’ doors Carteck GSW 40 – Insulated sectional doors with a certified german security rating Hormann LPU40 – Insulated sectional doors with secured by design approval on a certain specification Carteck GSW40 – Side Hinged insulated garage doors with the optional 3 point locking are very secure.
Garage Door Prices

When you’re looking to invest in a garage door for a new build or to replace an old garage door, it’s always best to consider the style of your property. Some garage door types and designs are better suited to modern properties and others blend well with more traditional homes. For example, a roller garage door may appear out of place against a period building but look stunning on a contemporary property. Always start your search by determining what works best and what doesn’t.

Once you’ve decided on the most suitable garage door types for your home, you need to carefully think about your budget. There’s no point in falling in love with a garage door to then realise it’s out of your price range. You also need to bear in mind that there are often additional costs involved, such as optional extras, removal and installation.

The prices vary greatly depending on which garage door type and size you wish to have and you’ll be looking at paying anything between £750 and £7100 for a new door. You can also expect to pay more if you want a more bespoke garage door design.

Why Replace Your Garage Door?

Obviously, you’ll want to replace your garage door if it has seen better days but it may still need replacing even if it’s in good working order. Think about how long it’s been since you last replaced your garage door. Maybe it was a decade or two ago. Perhaps you haven’t ever change it and have no idea how old your door actually is. You need to be aware that newer garage doors are built to a higher standard and offer increased levels of security, safety and energy efficiency.

The Advantages of Replacing Your Garage Door

The older styles of wooden and metal garage doors are targets for criminals because they are easier to break into. Even older doors with remote control functions can be vulnerable to thieves and intruders. Nowadays, most garage doors come with a rolling code feature to ensure the code can’t be hacked and never stays the same. That means better security for your garage and your home as a whole.

Most new garage doors are a lot safer to use than older versions because they come with advanced safety detectors which sense when a person is in contact with the door while it’s in motion. As soon as the sensor detects your presence, the door will stop and reverse to prevent potential injuries.

A new garage door with a good insulation rating will also help to reduce cooling and heating costs. Whether you use your garage for storage, work or as a gym, the insulation will keep the cold air during the winter and keep it in during the warmer months of the year. Not only will you save on energy costs but a new garage door system will also require minimal maintenance.

You may also want to purchase a new garage door to better protect your belongings from the elements. It’s highly likely that you use your garage to store at least some of your personal items that you can’t find room for in your home. A new weather-resistant and insulated garage door will prevent wind, rain and moisture from creeping into your space.

If your garage door works fine but looks tired, then it could become a bit of an eyesore. When you replace your garage door with a newer model, you can significantly improve your property’s appearance and possibly increase the value of your home. With so many styles and finishes available these days, it won’t be difficult to find a handsome new garage door to replace your existing one.

What we think of Roller Garage Doors

Put simply, we think roller garage doors are the most secure and reliable kind of garage door for just about any type of property.  Its worth investing in a good quality roller garage door.  It can save you hundreds or even thousands on unnecessary replacements in the future.

Roller garage doors are designed to be space-saving and user-friendly, which are both important for modern living. They also increase security, and as far as we’re concerned, you can’t put a price on protecting your property, along with the items and people within it.

Just remember to steer clear of roller garage doors that don’t come within the average price bracket, as they’re usually cheaper for a reason. When you invest your money well and take good care of your new door, it should last a lifetime and save you from purchasing alternatives in the long run.

What we think of Sectional Garage Doors

If security is a concern, then we believe a sectional garage door will provide maximum levels of security and protection for your belongings. You’re also presented with such a huge choice of colours, finishes and designs, so we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect sectional door for your home.

As well as being designed and constructed for strength and longevity, sectional garage doors are extremely practical. You can park your vehicle right in front of your garage whenever you like and never need move it to open and close the door. We think that’s a great advantage, especially if you have more than one vehicle or use your garage as a workroom, gym or storage space.

Most importantly, sectional garage doors tick all the boxes. They’re highly secure, weather–resistant, space-saving and very attractive. There’s nothing not to like. Some manufacturers even offer terrific warranties, so it’s well worth asking about written guarantees when shopping around.

Most wooden garage doors are made from hardwood timbers but there are some softwood versions available. From cedarwood and oak to Nordic pine and other wood varieties, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a manufacturer to fulfil your requirements.

As wood is such a diverse material, you can often request a bespoke design for the perfect garage door. It’s also worth pointing out that no two wooden garage doors will ever be the same as each door will come with different knots, graining and shading. Wood is a natural material, so it’s impossible to exactly match one wooden garage door with another.

Woods that are light in colour are commonly used to produce garage doors to allow for almost any shade of finish. There are plenty of colour options available to ensure you find the right shade for your home. Whatever the style of your property and look you wish to achieve, you will find a suitable high-quality wooden garage door priced between £1100 and £6500.

The three main types of garage doors produced in wood include up and over, side hinged and overlap trackless. Let’s take a closer look at their differences to help you determine which type of wooden garage door is right for your property.

What we think of Wooden Garage Doors

At the end of the day, you can’t beat the natural beauty of a wooden garage door. Regardless of whether you own a contemporary or traditional home, you’re guaranteed to enhance its exterior with either an up and over, side hinged or overlap trackless door constructed from wood. Yes, you will need to take good care of your door, but the same can be said for any garage door type and style.

If you don’t appreciate the natural variations found in wood, then a wooden garage door might not be the best option for you. Some manufacturers will offer you faux wood foils that deliver a smooth and continuous look, but these are better suited to garage doors built from other materials.

When you consider the quality of a solid wood construction and the customisation process, the price of a decent wooden garage door seems fairly reasonable. We’re rather fond of them, but as always, the final decision has to be yours.