Reliable Industrial Folding Doors

The Hormann Industrial Folding door range is very comprehensive indeed offering door leaf options to suit almost any opening. The range of insulated panels available with glazing options is vast with door as mentioned up to 14 metres wide.

Folding doors using the full effect of the glazing options in aluminium framing are perfect for showrooms of any kind and allow internal space to be used without the concerns of tracking or roller door housing.

Manual operation is so easy for anyone using the doors and therefore staff and customers can be allowed to enter and exit the building without any problem at all if required.

For warehouse and workshop applications once again the internal use of space is never restricted with a folding door system.

It is like a moveable wall for the building and the maintenance is ultra low on these doors.

Folding doors can be automated if required using very reliable and quiet motor drive units with full access control using the entire range of Hormann controls available.

This includes simple push button operation, radio control, key pads, key switches, timers and even finger scanners.

Stylish Industrial Folding Doors Options To Choose From

Samson Adone Folding Door System

  • The Samson Adone is a brand new folding door system. It combines fantastic looks with an innovative design for the frame that negates the need for a floor track.
  • The door is always made to order, and has a number of variations available based on configurations, accessories and finishes.
  • The Adone is a solution that provides many possiblities. With its doors folding 180°, it is hugely efficient with space, and this makes it an excellent choice in compact areas.
  • Alongside this, it can also have a pedestrian door put in, and this makes it an easy choice for commercial settings such as showrooms, where it can be kept as pedestrian only acess until required.
  • The door is also armed with a motor and this makes it easy for the door to be operated with minimum fuss. The door can also be operated manually of course.
  • There are a number of finishes available for the Adone. As standard, the following finishes are available, but more can be requested at an extra charge. If this is something you require, please contact us.
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Samson Apollo Folding Door System

The Samson Apollo door is a new product designed especially for larger industrial use and busy areas.

Manufactured in the north-eastern Italian town of Pordenone, the Apollo and its sister doors the folding Adone and sliding Atlante, are made by some of the finest industrial door manufacturers in Europe, and because of this, you can be guaranteed of a quality door.

With over twenty years of experience, the Apollo is the culmination of this experience, resulting in a hugely durable and reliable product that can operated safely at all times, a feeling enhanced by the used of a dead-man switch.

The Apollo hangs from the top, yet also runs on a floor track, and this ensures maximum stability and ease of use, and should prevent the door from becomingeasily  worn and difficult to operate through age. Due to the floor track and high quality materials used, the door should remain stable through adverse conditions.

All Apollo doors are purpose built, and this ensures an accurate fit as long as all measurements are carried out properly.

There are many different finishes avilable on the Apollo. This includes smooth colours, stucco coatings, wood-like finishes and more, with RAL optional colours also available upon request.

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Made in Britain 

Samson offer folding type doors to suit almost every commercial or industrial application, from simple pedestrian doors to aircraft hangar size large doors. The folding door offers solutions other door types cannot, with top hanging or bottom rolling type mechanisms depedning on the size and weight of door. The folding door allows easy acess for pedestrians whilt being easy to open fully when required for full acccess.

Not only are the sizes of folding doors hugely diverse, but the doors are all completely made to measure and designed specifically for certain industrial, commercial (or even some domestic) applications. Alongside this, most of the doors can be fitted inside and outside the aperture

Bi-folding doors provide various benefits. The doors are all insulated to keep in the heat, whilst they can often also be made using lots of glass elements.

They are incredibly easy to operate and can be opened only part of the way if needed. When fully opened however, the door folds into a small area, preventing obstuctions and preserving both internal and external space.

Folding doors have a numbr of configurations. There is due to the design, allowing either the whole door to fold away, or if you need quick and easy access a small pedestrian part of the door can fold on its own.

Folding doors can be automated if required and several doors have this option. Fast, reliable and quiet motors are available and showcase the best the market has to offer. A full range of controls are also available, including radio controls, key pads and even finger scanners.

Hormann have a specialist range of industrial folding doors, offering a hugely comprehensive range of door leaf options to suit almost any opening. The range of insulated panels available with glazing options is vast, and the doors can be up to a gigantic 14 metres wide.

Folding doors can be perfect for showrooms and shops when combined with large glazed panels. Manual operation is also easy to do, meaning that whilst automation is possible, they are one of the easiest door types to operate without such systems.

Alongside Hormann, we also have doors under the Samson name which have been manufactured to the highest quality and are some of the best doors on the market. The new Adone and Apollo additions to the range, along with the Atlante sliding door, are made to the highest standard in Pordenone, Italy, but some of the finest industrial and commercial door makers in Europe.

Easy installation and a wide range of accessories make these one of the most diverse and adaptable door types, perfect for countless different industries and uses.