Reliable Industrial Sliding Doors

Our range of sliding doors offers 4 different models for different purposes with single and double skinned insulated panels.

The doors are manufactured up to 8000mm wide and 5500mm high and all purpose made for maximum use of the opening.

The doors can have glazing options in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to maximise the natural light or vision into the building


Most of the folding or sliding doors we supply and install can be manual or electric operated using a whole range of access controls depending on the building requirements.

The manual operation for a folding or sliding door is normally very smooth and not heavy whatever the size may be but automation may be required in many instances for convenience and increased security.

Access controls can be utilised to tailor the door operation to various requirements with for example partial opening for pedestrian access only.

Stylish Industrial Sliding Doors Options To Choose From

Hormann FST Sliding Door System

The Hormann range of sliding door systems includes the MZ multi purpose model, the T30 and T90 fire-rated models, the RS and Sm smoke-tight models, and the stainless steel versions. All of these models are available with options for manual or electric operation, built-in wicket doors, and glazing, and are all made to order for a perfect fit.

The doors are available as single leaf, double leaf and telescopic panel sections which run on multiple tracks. A wicket door is possible with all of these models, subject to minimum width requirements.

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General Purpose Sliding Doors

The Samson PSD door and Hormann MZ FST are both traditional straight sliding door systems for general purpose use, available as a single- or bi-parting option. Available in almost unlimited opening widths, the maximum height is 9 metres, and the maximum width 12 metres. All doors are purpose made to suit the requirements and specification of each application.

These doors are very economical systems for medium to large openings, especially when only manual operation is required. When manually operated, a common specification is to have a pedestrian door for easy, quick and regular pedestrian access. This type of door can save significant amounts of time, granting access to pedestrians without having to open the whole door system.

Door systems in this style are either top-hung rolling, or bottom-track rolling. This installation form depends on the overall size and weight of the panels, as well as the structure being installed to.

The panels are double-skinned steel construction, with a solid foam core for strength, stability and insulation. These panels are available in various surface finishes – Smooth, Woodgrain, micrograin or ‘Stucco’. There is also a wide range of standard external colours, with a further range of optional colours to cover almost every RAL option available.

The Samson Atlante Sliding Door System

The Atlante sliding door system is a straight sliding door that can be top-hung, top-rolling (with or without a floortrack), and bottom-rolling, all depending on size, weight and specification.

Installation can be inside or outside any structural opening.

This door is a double-skinned, steel panel construction with a vast range of painted finishes available, as well as a laminate foil option.

The outside surface finish can be smooth, smooth with woodgrain effect, or ‘Stucco‘.

Like our PSD door, this sliding door can be internally or externally fitted in a single or bi-parting style.

A dual track system is also available, which can be used to cover widths of almost 30 metres.

All doors are made to order, with a number of further options including windows and pedestrian doors as well as weather sealing and a choice of locking systems.

Extra Large Sliding Doors

When an opening is larger than around 8 metres wide it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right solution, especially for a price that is not astronomical. The same occurs for doors over 8 metres in height. For such large openings and applications a large sliding door must be considered.

Manual operation is a simple with sliding doors, regardless of the size, due to efficient and innovative engineering. The weight of the door is distributed evenly across the panels and wheels, ensuring easy and smooth operation every time.

Here at Samson Doors we offer straight sliding industrial and commercial doors, in a double-skinned panel construction, to fill almost any sized opening. Telescopic sliding makes for a very sensible choice when controlling access on a large scale opening. Telescopic opening also means that the door can be opened partially to allow easy access to traffic, pedestrian or vehicular, without needing to open the door fully. This time saving feature can convert itself into realistic time-savings in a workplace setting.

Of course, you can also have a pedestrian door (wicket door) inset into one of the main sliding door panels and these will always be larger than pedestrian door options offered on roller shutter doors.

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Made in Britain 

The Pegasus Door company do offer manually operated roller doors but they are relatively rare these days in industrial applications, with electric motor prices being so competitive. Manual operation is used on smaller or very low usage roller doors only.

Once the usage is defined you need to think about whether the door needs to be an insulated double skinned curtain or a single skin steel curtain without insulation properties. The double skinned curtain roller doors will also offer greater far strength overall in the curtain so tend to have higher wind ratings when installed with suitable side guides and are highly recommended.

Insulated roller shutter doors also offer higher levels of security which is a key factor theses days too with increased break ins on commercial premises.The width and height of a door will often define the model and type of curtain to be used as each have their limits and the colour may also affect what is a stock slat or requires painting and therefore affects the overall price.

With massive leaps in technology and materials it is also now possible to have far higher speeds of opening and closing without going to what used to be called a high speed door. The fast action fabric roller door is still used extensively in many applications but there are now new generations of steel and aluminium roller shutter doors capable of fairly fast opening speeds which can negate the requirement for a fabric speed door system in a warehouse or factory depending on the number of operations per day.