Pegasus Doors have built a solid reputation within the industrial, commercial and Domestic door sector with their intense product knowledge, awareness of the needs of their customers and delivering what is promised. The doors should be of the highest quality and within the budgets to allow for a safe, long lasting installation. With minimal downtime for maintenance and repairs that are often required on cheap, lower quality doors.

Industrial Roller shutters

Pegasus Doors supply a very wide range of roller shutter doors for the industrial sector where the environment is often harsh with high use requirements and sometimes very large sizes.

Industrial warehouses and factories and seafront units can often also be exposed so the wind becomes a key factor in the specification for the roller doors used.

Pegasus doors do offer manually operated roller doors but they are relatively rare these days in industrial applications, with electric motor prices being so competitive. Don’t however let this sway your opinion on the door you have in mind.

Insulated roller shutter doors also offer higher levels of security which is a key factor theses days too with increased break ins on commercial premises. The width and height of a door will often define the model and type of curtain to be used as each have their limits and the colour may also affect what is a stock slat or requires painting and therefore affects the overall price.

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Industrial sectional doors

Industrial Sectional Doors are vertically-opening doors constructed using multiple panel sections built to withstand heavy usage using double skinned steel foam filled panels but also aluminium framed and glazed panels for varying degrees of high quality vision. The vertical opening of these doors creates more space in front of and behind the door allowing you to park vehicles closer and utilise more room inside the building.

Manufactured to your specific requirements, each of our industrial sectional doors provide reliable service and exceptional ease of use combined with an outstanding level of access control capable of withstanding high usage volumes to cope with all levels of industrial workloads.

Sectional overhead doors offer the very highest level of insulation levels for buildings requiring this. We consider these industrial sectional doors to offer an uncompromising level of quality and reliability not just for the door panel and operating mechanism quality but also the highly developed and state of the art access control and automation systems used. The excellent pricing of the Hormann sectional doors also makes it a very sensible and attractive solution for most commercial and industrial premises.

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Fast Action / High Speed Roller Shutters

High Speed or ‘Fast Action’ Roller Shutters are used for many applications where high traffic volumes require a door to keep a building environment and temperature as constant as possible. The high speed door can travel up in as little as 2 seconds depending on its size and close as quickly for maximum efficiency.

Some door models are specifically designed to keep cold in for refrigerated rooms, warehouses, etc.. High speed (or ‘fast action’) Shutters are usually manufactured from very strong material with the option of clear vision panels built in so you can see what may be happening on the other side of the closed door. Pegasus doors also offer a range of high speed aluminium roller Shutters and ‘spiral’ doors an adaptation on a sectional door but operating at high speed.

They also help to keep dust, rain and wind levels lower in a building.

Fast action shutters will keep the temperature inside a building as stable as possible whilst traffic enters and exits all day long. During winter months savings in heating costs can be enormous whilst maintaining a pleasant atmosphere for staff inside.

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High Speed Roller Doors

The High speed automatic opening and closing of these vertical rapid roll doors will provide valuable energy saving by maintaining the internal room temperature and also reduce contamination from airborne pollution and ingress of insects and vermin, essential in controlled warehouses and buildings.

The environment is also improved dramatically by controlling vehicle traffic flow, easing the vehicle access on the most used doors and improving safety in the workplace

All the high speed doors we supply meet the very highest levels of safety and are tested, CE approved and offer long term durability through some very technologically advanced features.

Frequency inverter control is fitted as standard on all Hormann high speed doors to ensure the fastest speeds and the lowest rate of wear. The entire door mechanism is relieved through the slow start and slow brake action taking undue stress off the components. We offer both single and three phase electric operation with the added option of an uninterruptible power supply to ensure the door will open in a power failure situation.

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Industrial Sliding Doors

Our range of sliding doors offers 4 different models for different purposes with single and double skinned insulated panels.

The doors are manufactured up to 8000mm wide and 5500mm high and all purpose made for maximum use of the opening.

The doors can have glazing options in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to maximise the natural light or vision into the building.


Most of the folding or sliding doors we supply and install can be manual or electric operated using a whole range of access controls depending on the building requirements.

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Industrial Folding Doors

The Hormann Industrial Folding door range is very comprehensive indeed offering door leaf options to suit almost any opening. The range of insulated panels available with glazing options is vast with door as mentioned up to 14 metres wide.

Folding doors using the full effect of the glazing options in aluminium framing are perfect for showrooms of any kind and allow internal space to be used without the concerns of tracking or roller door housing.

Manual operation is so easy for anyone using the doors and therefore staff and customers can be allowed to enter and exit the building without any problem at all if required.

For warehouse and workshop applications once again the internal use of space is never restricted with a folding door system.

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