Both manual and remote control operated roller garage doors can be constructed from non-insulated (single skin) steel or insulated (double skinned) aluminium. Single skin roller doors are more suitable for homes that don’t experience a lot of exterior noise and where security issues are less of a concern. As insulated double skinned roller doors offer a greater level of noise control and security, they are slightly more expensive. They also provide better protection from the weather and keep your garage at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Most roller garage doors are custom made and can be fitted to virtually any type of garage opening. This style of door folds up and out of the way when opened to enable you to make the most of your garage space, as well as your driveway. They can also be built with a remote control for easy and quiet operation, which also helps to increase security and safety. The typical cost of a roller garage door is between £1075 and £2300.